It is no secret that enormously successful people are the envy of large swaths of the world’s population. But a big mistake that many make out of the hopes of replicating the success they are very jealous of is that they try to do the exact same things that the successful people did, rather than emulating the reasons for their success. It is not what they did that made them successful, but rather it is the qualities they maintain that led them to their hugely successful choices. It is undoubtedly important to keep this in mind as you chase your own success. Do not do what they did, but act like the successful people did while they were achieving their successes.

But what qualities are these anyway? First, they have ambition. This is not necessarily something that can be learned, but if you find something you are passionate about, you will be able to cultivate a certain amount of ambition for pursuing that goal. Additionally, these successful people are committed to their goals. Don’t flake out once the novelty of what you want wears off. Instead, push harder through the wall. And finally, these successful people are always the students and never the teachers. They are always willing to learn more things and this only serves to beget even more success for them.