Job interviews are very difficult to manage and especially when you lack confidence, the entire experience can go horribly wrong. It does not matter how skillful and knowledgeable you are, if you lack confidence and self-assurance in a job interview, there are huge chances of you getting rejected.
Nowadays, most of the employers prefer candidates with well-maintained personality as compared to a technical geek who doesn’t know how to carry himself.
Here are some pro tips which will help you to convince the recruiter with confidence:

1. Mirror Practice:

The best age old technique to boost confidence is ‘mirror practice’. Start with talking to yourself in the mirror and try to maintain strong eye contact with yourself. Assume as if you’re talking to your recruiter. Practice talking about the same things, which you will be talking with your recruiter.

2. Maintain A Decent Attitude:

Never ever try to act over smart in front of the recruiter. Be relaxed and talk to the point, while maintaining a confident look on your face. It is important to make controlled body movements, which shows the recruiter that you’re a dedicated and passionate person who is eager to join their team and learn.

3. Play On Your Strengths:

It is very likely the recruiter will confront you about the areas where you lack knowledge. Play smartly! Always show your weaknesses as your strengths. It is practical to admit where you lack expertise, but immediately mention how passionate you’re to learn about that specific thing and enhance your knowledge.