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New Skill: Paying Attention

When it comes to maintaining a right proper amount of mental clarity and a sense of presence or “living in the moment,” many people think that both elements can be more successfully achieved through the well-balanced exhibition of expert time…


Three Hobbies To Improve Your Resume

Many people are unaware about the importance of adding hobbies in resumes. I used to be one of them. Most of the professional resume writing experts guides you to remove the hobbies section from your resume. Even I used to…


Traits of Emotional People

There seems to be some sort of stigma when it comes to emotional people in the workplace. For whatever reason, there seems to be a prevailing tendency for people to believe that being emotional and being a good worker are…


Which Job Ad Will Lead You To Your Dream Job

The corporate market is an intimidating beast where the hiring process never comes to a standstill. There always great opportunities available for the skilled people. You must be seeing countless job ads posted on different forums for different jobs each…


Pulling off the All-Nighter

It is a concept that seems as mythical and storied as some of the legends we’ve heard from fables and folktales like Bigfoot or Paul Bunyan. That’s right: the all-nighter. You’ve heard stories of people who pulled it off. People…


Beginning Your Exercise Plans

There is no question that if you asked one hundred people who are exercising to stay in shape and keep themselves healthy, a good portion of them would say that the hardest part about exercising was to keep going back…


Being at Peace with a Relationship

One of the most challenging aspects of a person’s life, surprisingly does not have anything to do with the improvement of one’s career or job. Instead, the concept of moving on from and bringing an inner peace to yourself in…


Preventing Stress

It’s no secret amongst us human beings that stress is inevitable. No matter how hard we may try to avoid it (which, in some cases, might actually lead to us creating more stress for ourselves) or no matter how much…


New Skill: Learning

This one might seem even more outlandish than treating writing as a new “skill” you can adapt, but you will thank me later so long as you hear me out now. Obviously, learning is a skill most people are born…