Susan Miler


The Qualities of the Successful

It is no secret that enormously successful people are the envy of large swaths of the world’s population. But a big mistake that many make out of the hopes of replicating the success they are very jealous of is that…


Escape from the Comfort Zone!

Success can be a tricky thing to qualify. For some, success is never achieved and they are constantly striving to do better and achieve more for themselves. For others, once they reach a place of contentment, satisfying every level of…


Boosting Your Confidence

Let’s be real. All areas of your life can undergo a vast improvement if you express and boast the necessary amount of confidence to handle the issues presented to you during any given day. A lack of confidence can make…


Taking Criticism in Stride

When it comes to your work and your career, it pays to have a tough exterior so you can endure mistakes without letting the potential mental and outward ramifications get to you and decrease the quality of your work overall….


Which Job Ad Will Lead You To Your Dream Job

The corporate market is an intimidating beast where the hiring process never comes to a standstill. There always great opportunities available for the skilled people. You must be seeing countless job ads posted on different forums for different jobs each…


Being at Peace with a Relationship

One of the most challenging aspects of a person’s life, surprisingly does not have anything to do with the improvement of one’s career or job. Instead, the concept of moving on from and bringing an inner peace to yourself in…


New Skill: Office Organization

Productivity, focus, minimalism, simplifying your lifestyle. Ultimately, it’s all good news. But you’d be hard pressed to achieve any of these aforementioned net positive qualities that aid you in both your lifestyle and your work (as well as your career)…