Jack Coleman


New Skill: Time Management

I know we have already discussed the ways in which attention management can prove to be more useful than time management, but that is of course not to discount the crucial nature of time management. If you are relatively devoid…


New Skill: Increasing the Amount You Read

I am certain that for every bookworm or literary lover out there, there are probably two more people who have complained about the trials and tribulations of reading before. Whether they prefer watching movies or do not even like reading…


Get More Sleep

When you are a student in middle school, high school, and college, you are always given the same advice when you have an important test or even a standardized test the next day in class. Eat a healthy, fulfilling breakfast…


Keep Exercising!

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution to exercise or work out more than you did in the previous year? Most people have. And for the first couple weeks, it feels great and you really do think you are…


Traits of Emotional People

There seems to be some sort of stigma when it comes to emotional people in the workplace. For whatever reason, there seems to be a prevailing tendency for people to believe that being emotional and being a good worker are…


Beginning Your Exercise Plans

There is no question that if you asked one hundred people who are exercising to stay in shape and keep themselves healthy, a good portion of them would say that the hardest part about exercising was to keep going back…